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Mera Twitter januari 25, 2008

Posted by Peter Johansson in Bloggar, microblogging, Sociala nätverk.
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Jag kan inte sluta att fascineras av allt som skrivs om Twitter.

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good

The Evolution of Personal Publishing
”Social network publishing is very terse, blog publishing is verbose. Is there a form of publishing which is on one hand as easy as social networking, but as sequential as regular blogs? Twitter and Tumblr have recently emerged to define this new category of microblogging.”

Best Web LittleCo of 2007: Twitter
Twitter is undoubtedly new and disruptive. In a year in which you can count on one hand the number of disruptive Web products (iPhone would be another), Twitter stands out as being something that has captured the imagination and become a new hybrid of chat, social networking and blogging.

Hur skulle man översätta disruptive i det här sammanhanget? Ordbokens översättning (splittrande, söndrande, omstörtande) känns inte riktigt träffande?

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